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Our services

We provide a whole range of services and advice designed to make the correct purchase of the material you require easier. These are services to save you both time and money, all at competitive prices, accompanied with a nationwide delivery service...


Chase Alloys Ltd is a stockholder of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, carrying upto 500 tonnes across 3 warehouses.

Bar Sawing

Our 9 in-house saws are capable of cutting upto 20" Dia, running on 24 hour shifts.

Profiling & Cutting

We offer various profiling/cutting services including Laser, Plasma, HD Plasma, Waterjet, Saw, Flame cutting & Shearing all supported by a CAD Team

Fabrication & Welding

We offer many forms of Fabrication including Press Breaking, Plate Rolling, Drilling, Grinding, Peeling/Reeling, Edge Prepping, Welding & Heat Treatment


We offer all types of Materials testing including Chemical, Mechanical, Corrosion, Welding, Non-Destructive & Destructive Testing.

UK Delivery Service

Our own fleet of 6 Mercedes-Benz vehicles are also supported by various Pallet Networks, capable of next day delivery throughout the UK

CHASE ALLOYS LTD – Suppliers in Stainless Steel & Multi-Metals

Our work

We are always keen to show our customers the quality of work we provide. See below some of our most recent projects...


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