Bar Sawing

Chase Alloys offer a range of Bar Sawing services for all material types, to produce value added products for numerous market sectors.
Our 9 in house Amada Saws are capable of cutting from 6mm up-to 20″ Dia.
See our in house Amada Bandsaw’s below….


Amada HFA400W Automatic Bandsaw

Our main stay of in house saws. With 7 of these on site, its fair to say the majority of our sawing operations are completed using these fabulous machines.
The Amada HFA400W automatic bandsaw is a variation on the classic horizontal HA400 design incorporating improvements to blade and controls guaranteeing optimum cutting performance.
Cutting Capacity:          Round (Diameter)    1.18-16.54″ / 30-420mm               Rectangle (W x H)    16 x 16″/ 400 x 400mm





Amada HFA530CNC Automatic Bandsaw

Our largest in house saw. With this arriving in 2019 our sawing capabilities were boosted by the extra size limits of this machine.
Amada have designed this automatic bandsaw machine in such a way that the cutting of material is done by the upper edge of the bandsaw blade thus reducing the height of the support columns by 50%. This creates a far more rigid structure enabling faster cutting and longer blade life.
Cutting Capacity:     Round (Diameter)    1.18-21″ / 30-530mm               Rectangle (W x H)    20 x 20″ / 530 x 530mm




Amada HA250 Automatic Bandsaw

The Amada HA250 automatic horizontal bandsaw is a reliable workhorse industrial bandsaw machine designed around the capability of the saw blade, therefore guaranteeing optimum cutting performance.
Cutting Capacity:         Round (Diameter)    0.25-10″ / 6-250mm          Rectangle (W x H)    11.8 x 10″ / 300 x 250mm